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Seven out of ten Indians globally using dating apps to look for serious relationships are frustrated with the experience of finding a partner online. Despite a plethora of dating websites and apps, these users end up leaving those services and eventually marry people they meet offline through family and friends.

The main hindrance to finding love on dating apps is the lack of focus on personalization and focus on quantity over quality. While demographics such as age, caste, and income are important attributes when finding a partner, cultural, social, and intellectual compatibility is an important – and increasingly so – a requirement for fulfilling and lasting relationships.

People don’t need to be similar and like the same things for them to build a lasting and fulfilling relationship! Compatibility is not the same as similarity, and at LynkUp, this is our central thesis. To address this crucial aspect of relationships, we’re building a knowledge graph to map out different cultural and social characteristics to find you the perfect match.

Another pain-point of current dating and relationship apps is that more than 50% of users never end up going on a date, and we aim to change that. 60% of Indians don’t like meeting random, unknown people, and playing icebreakers on an app does not help alleviate this concern. To help people get out of their comfort zone, LynkUp does two unique things: we leverage our knowledge graph to introduce users to the people they’re most likely to get along with – in this way, we’re deleting the first date!

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Once users do decide to meet in person, we create a comfortable meetup experience by arranging the first meetup! (Coming Soon)

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