The relationship app for the modern Indian.


LynkUp is a dating app for Indians to find socially, culturally and intellectually compatible life partners. It combines the best aspects of traditional Indian match-making and modern dating to launch your love story.


We curate the most compatible match for you every day based on everything we know about you and learn daily. Declutter your dating life with LynkUp.

Artificial Intelligence

LynkUp uses machine learning to map out what matters most to Indians in a relationship across different regional cultures, intellectual and social profiles. Our deep learning algorithm is rooted in Nobel prize-winning neuroscience research and can infer 100X data from what might seem like 10-15 mundane questions.

Private and Safe

We use our proprietary AI algorithms to verify identification. You might be asked to provide additional information for authentication, if needed.


“I’ve been using LynkUp and a few other dating apps for a while and I personally like this app the best. I like that the app encourages you to fill out meaningful information about yourself.”


“I have used LynkUp for two months an it currently my favorite app as it did introduce me to a group of more genuine people of quality and I didn’t spend to boost my profile.”


“I really enjoy using this app. I used one of the other major dating apps for a year that I had to pay for, and had a bad experience. This didn’t happen in LynkUp. ”



LynkUp uses a proprietary knowledge graph of Indian pop culture to develop a holistic understanding of you and to match you with the people you’re most likely to enjoy being with for the rest of your life. While other relationship services match you based on superficial demographics, LynkUp uses machine learning algorithms to match you based on your demographics, personality, and most importantly, the nuances that are unique to being Indian.

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